Welcome to the course!


  • Benjamin Roesner: benjamin.roesner@geo.uni-marburg.de
  • Sebastian Egli: sebastian.egli@geo.uni-marburg.de

Organizational matters

  • 3 ECTS credits are awarded for successfully completing this course.
  • Course materials are made available here: https://python-kurs.github.io/sommersemester_2019/intro.html
  • Weekly exercises are distributed via github classroom and must also be submitted there.
  • To pass the course, at least 50% of the weekly exercises must have been correctly completed.

Version control

  • git
    • open git BASH and enter the following commands:
      git config --global user.name 'Firstname Lastname'
      git config --global user.email 'your@email.com'
      git config --global --list

git workflow (simplified):

Source: https://dev.to/mollynem/git-github–workflow-fundamentals-5496

GitHub Classroom

  • Create an account at github.com: https://github.com/
      git clone https://github.com/python-kurs/exercise-0-[yourname].git
    • Complete the given task and push your results back to github
      git add --all
      git commit -m "Beliebige Commit-Message"
      git push

Software requirements

  • miniconda
      conda env create -f environment.yaml

    This installs all packages in an environment called “python-kurs”, which we will be using throughout this course.

    • The environment can be activated via:
        conda activate python_kurs
  • Install a an editor of your choice, if you not already have one. The the environment you created in the previous step also installed Spyder which you can use. You can start Spyder by activating the environment like shown above and typing spyder at the prompt.